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skedupay - The fully integrated ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

What is skedupay

skedupay | Create Payment Plans on mobile devices
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skedupay is the all-in-one ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce that gives you more control over your cash flow by automating the entire payment life cycle from "Opportunity-Closed Won" to "Paid in Full".

Direct Debit or Credit Cards, Payment Plans or one-off payments. B2B or B2C - skedupay can manage the lot anywhere, any time, on any device.

skedupay is the only dual-certified tool that makes invoice generation & payment management faster for business operators & easier for customers.

Call 0424 050 945 to find out more.

ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

Pricing Plans

skedupay is designed to be affordable for every business, regardless of how big or small they are.

New ezidebit Customers

$ 400* Per Year*
  • All features Included**
  • Scheduled Payments^
  • No User Limits
  • Credit Card Payments^
  • Prebuilt Reports & Dashboards
  • Unlimited Billing Accounts
  • Unlimited Invoices
New Offer

Existing ezidebit Customers

$ 600* Per Year*
  • All features Included**
  • Scheduled Payments^
  • No User Limits
  • Credit Card Payments^
  • Prebuilt Reports & Dashboards
  • Unlimited Billing Accounts
  • Unlimited Invoices

* All prices in AUD$ (ex GST)
** each skedupay user requires an Enterprise Edition Sales Cloud license.
All contracts are 12 months.
^ Standard ezidebit fees and charges apply (out of our control, sorry)

Who would use skedupay

  • Aged Care Providers
  • Community Groups
  • K-12 Education Providers
  • Volunteer Organisations
  • Animal Welfare Organisations
  • Faith-based Communities
  • Lobby Groups
  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Advocacy Services
  • Statutory Authorities
  • Community Services
  • ¬†Public Utilities
  • Public Transport
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Construction & Tradespeople
  • Transport & Logistics
  • ELC’s & Childcare Providers
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Retail Operators
  • Sole Traders
  • Micro-businesses


skedupay | Setting up your ezidebit Merchat Account has never been more secure and simpler

Trust is our No.1 Priority

Make Onboarding Faster

skedupay | Setting up and maintaining ezidebit Customer Accounts in Salesforce has never been easier and do it on any device
skedupay | From Opportunity-Closed Won to Paid-in-Full in minutes with skedupay and ezidebit

Make Sales Frictionless

* Requires each skedupay user to have a Salesforce Sales Cloud license

Deliver a Better Customer Payment Experience

ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

Make payment processing simpler

skedupay | Use quick actions on any device to create payment plans, process payments and send reminder notifications to customers
skedupay | Process customer payments on any device. The ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

Anytime. Anywhere. On Any Device.

How skedupay makes cash flow management easy

Stop Duplication

Enter Customer data once in Salesforce & skedupay sets up a Billing Account for them, regardless of whether they are a business or an individual. skedupay knows how to manage their invoicing.

Greater Visibility

With skedupay's visually appealing Dashboards, you can drill down on to see who's paid and who you need to chase up outstanding invoices with. Get deeper insights in which customers are reliable and which ones should be monitored more closely.

Super Secure

We are very proud to say that skedupay meets and exceeds all Salesforce and ezidebit security requirements. We even passed both Security Reviews 1st time. Just sayin...

Mobile First

Anywhere. Any time. Any device. Any Account. Any Invoice. Multiple payment processing options all at your fingertips on any device. Now your payment solution is as mobile as you are.

Fully Integrated

skedupay is fully integrated solution that extends and completes your existing sales process. Configure it to your specific requirements. We also offer custom integration and development services too.

Dynamic Tracking

Identify customers who constantly pay late. Build a profile of each customer & gain better insights in which customers will pay on time. Keep you mobile sales team informed as they engage with customers, good & bad.

Fully Automated

Payment details are retrieved by skedupay twice a day. See what payments have cleared and by whom. No more time-consuming or complicated payment reconciliation in Excel spreadsheets.

Payment Options

Give your customers the flexibility of paying by installments using skedupay's Payment Plans feature that create multiple instalments in seconds on any Invoice. Update them as customers circumstances change with 5 clicks.

Make payment history visual

skedupay |Daily updates on your skedupay Dashboard show what's been paid, what is due and also includes declined payments with explanation
skedupay | use the pre-configured list views to track paid and dishonoured payments twice a day

Make payment reconciliation faster

How different industries use skedupay

  • Collect rents through direct debit instalments
  • Take payments for in-home care or domestic services
  • Process donations from community members
  • Take payments for hire of facilities or resources
  • Automatically create Invoices when Dispatching Goods, or;
  • Process inbound sales over the phone
  • Collect payments for course enrolments and materials, or;
  • Generate customised Payment Plans to suit each Student’s financial circumstances
  • Process payments for one off purchases for goods or services
  • Create payment plans so customers can pay off invoices by instalments
  • Collect payments for classes or personal training sessions
  • Purchases of supplements or equipment whilst the customer is with you
  • Create invoices and process payments for rates, fines, or licenses
  • Send customers a link to pay their invoices directly through ezidebit
  • Process Payments as services are consumed by Customers or
  • Send Invoices directly to customers on delivery of services

Need skedupay adapted to your business?

ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

Cloud Masons is not only the maker of skedupay, but we've also been a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner since 2015. In that time, we've been helping customers succeed with Salesforce across many different sectors including education, manufacturing, retail, aged care, finance & field services. We're really good at adapting skedupay to different sales processes very quickly so you can get back to focussing on your customers sooner.

Call 0424 050 945 today to find out more.

ezidebit payment management solution for Salesforce

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Interested in a Test Drive?

We can set you up with a 30-day fully operational trial version of skedupay with preloaded sample data so you can evaluate it against your business model. If you're happy with it, just give us a call and we'll flick a switch that licenses your trial version goes live. No new installs, no lost transactions, no dramas.

Call 0424 050 9245 to organise a 30-day trial & start processing ezidebit payments today.

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