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The highly-skilled and experienced team at Cloud Masons build solutions that solve real world business problems. We also offer a large a range of BAU support managed service programs that can optimise your Salesforce instance. We specialise in custom development, but we also offer Pardot, Field Service Lightning, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and Community Cloud implementation services. Our unique payment plans are aimed at small and micro-businesses to ensure you get the right solution without breaking the bank. Call 0424 050 945 today to discuss your Salesforce roadmap.

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When you call on the 24/7 Cloud Masons Managed Services team, you not only get solutions, you also get piece of mind knowing you’re dealing with fully certified Salesforce Administrators and/or Developers.

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Need a piece of functionality built in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Heroku or Field Service Lightning? Without coming across as bragging, our team of developers not only hold multiple Salesforce certificates, they can also code in 6 different programming languages. In other words, we do ‘nerd’ very well.

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This is where our Business Analysts play to their strengths. Having a deep understanding of the Salesforce data model, along with a comprehensive knowledge of the tools used for data migration, cleansing & transformation, we can help make your ‘data transition’ a smooth one.

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Our highly skilled and experienced tech boffins have been building integration services for a long time and there aren’t too many scenarios we haven’t dealt with before. As long as you know what data you want to send or receive at each end, we can get them to talk to each other. We usually use Jitterbit, Zapier, DBAmp or Workato as a middleware solution.

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Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Field Service Lightning looks easy, but the reality sometimes doesn’t meet expectation. Apart from user setup, data loading, security configuration, sales processes, and screen setup, there a whole myriad of other configuration tasks that can quickly overwhelm new users. At Cloud Masons, we have the ‘runs on the board’ to ensure a smooth implementation and rollout.

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Ensuring the right people have the right level of access to data has become more of an art than a science. At Cloud Masons, we have extensive skills in designing and implementing enterprise scale security models in Salesforce and we usually will pass on some recommendations for improvements including data model changes.

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Sucessful projects are always built on unambiguous and easily understood business and functional requirements. Cloud Masons BA’s are are Agile-evangelists that stipulate end-user involvement and a story-based approach to requirements gathering that focuses on behaviour-driven workflows and small but frequent chunks of deliverables

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At Cloud Masons, we are lucky to have 2 certified Workplace Trainers and Assessors that can put together a customised training program for every user from frontline users to management to systems administrators. Our trainers are also experienced at writing up training materials and manuals, whether it be wikis, or using 3rd-party apps like Screensteps.