ecoSIStem – the digital ecosystem for K-12 schools

What is ecoSIStem?

ecoSIStem is a powerful and comprehensive K-12 Student Information System (SIS) that was built entirely on the Salesforce Platform. ecoSIStem includes a huge range of innovative new capabilities never before seen in a SIS that extend core student administration, student support, integration, and reporting and monitoring of students. ecoSIStem truly addresses many of the problems that other vendors struggle to support.

One of ecoSIStem’s key value proposition is that schools will now be able to customise it it to meet their unique requirements including new pages, workflow automation and even new apps for specific users with specific security profiles. ecoSIStem can integrate with many HRIS, LMS, Finance and Timetabling solutions using any of our 3 integration options. Call 0424 050 945 or send us a message today if you would like to know more or would like to see a demo.

Mission Statement

When we started this journey, we set some really ambitious goals for ourselves and ecoSIStem.
1. It had to be flexible, scalable, configurable and functionally rich
2. It had to be built on a platform – one that would allow us to focus on building new features that schools wanted, instead of burning resources on systems administration
3. It had to be ‘truly cloud-based’ and not hosted (2 very different things)
4. It had to be flexible enough to be configured at the school level, yet rigorous enough to meet any education authority’s requirements of a SIS.
5. All data had to be stored on Australian soil and comply with all privacy requirements
6. It had to be easy to maintain and support at the school level by the school staff for the school community
7. It had to be one that would allow end users to tailor it to their brand and business model
8. It had to be flexible enough to allow end users to create additional functionality
9. It had to support different learning styles and curriculum models
10. It had to support a good user experience, aesthetic user interface and be accessible and usable on any device
11. It had to support the ability for individuals to create their own reports
12. It had to be robust and scalable enough to meet any education authority’s expectations
13. It had to support a security model that could be tailored for individual schools and users
14. It had to resolve the major challenges that school administrators and teaching staff deal with daily
15. It had to help deliver positive student outcomes through early intervention capabilities, and;
16. It had to pass a very rigorous security review by Salesforce’s technical experts to ensure it met all 10 OWASP Security Requirements.

In May 2018, after nearly 3 years designing, building, rebuilding and releasing ecoSIStem on Salesforce AppExchange, we are extremely proud to announce that we achieved all 16 goals.