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K-12 Student Information System

Powered by Salesforce. Customised by you.

K-12 Student Information System​

What is ecoSIStem

ecoSIStem is a comprehensive student administration solution that education providers can adapt to suit their unique business processes & student engagement models. Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, ecoSIStem is made up of over 20 separate modules that you can pick and mix to suit your school’s specific needs.

With loads of customisation options and 4 connectors that integrate with 1000’s of digital services and databases, ecoSIStem is the ideal source of truth for all your student administration functions.

ecoSIStem doesn’t set out to replace what you already have. Instead, it’s designed to adapt to, and support your current student administration processes within your existing digital landscape so your school can remain responsive in the ever-changing world that is K-12 education.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a Salesforce customer to use it.

Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem Student Absence Summary Screen

The problems ecoSIStem is tackling

families are being redEfined

From standard families to single parent families, same-sex parent families or extended families, the definition of what ‘family’ means is being radically redefined every year

limited reporting options

Creating custom Reports, Charts & Dashboards or extracting data easily & quickly in the right format you want is difficult at best, and sometimes it's not even an option.


Fee Schedules should be easy to set up and configure for different groups, and include a flexible discounting engine that can process different discount amounts for each sibling.


Changes in curriculum structure. Changes in student engagement models. Changes in regulatory reporting requirements. Let's face it. Education is in a constant state of change.


One of the biggest gripes by end-users is the lack of consistency and intuitiveness across the myriad of apps they use every day, not to mention constant duplication of data

LACK OF communication CHANNELS

Business Managers & Bursars need multiple ways of engaging with fee payers including SMS, email, or phone call from one spot and not in multiple apps or locations

Limited Fee Payers

There should be no limit on the number of fee payers that can contribute to a Student’s education. It should be limitless and support different billing percentages across fee payers

CoMPLEX pricing & contracts

Vendors love making contracts and pricing convoluted. It makes contract management difficult, cash flow unpredictable and enhancements or integrations are usually expensive propositions.

Features by Job Roles

Cloud Masons - ecoSIStem Student-Contact Relationship Viewer Screen


  • Workflow-driven Application form based on Types
  • Automated Application & Enrolment processing via Kanban
  • Comprehensive Billing Account Manager
  • Student-Contact Relationship Viewer
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • Built-In SMS Messaging & Response Tracker
  • Advanced Enrolment Manager Assessment Manager Screens
  • Super-fast Assessment Creation & Management
  • Intuitive Curriculum & Program Builder
  • Flexibile Timetable Setup engine
  • School Groups (inc. attendance marking & billing)
  • Real-time Absence Summary & SMS Notifications
  • Create or upload mail merge, email & SMS templates
  • Import, modify, delete or insert data using Excel
  • Sync emails through Outlook or Gmail
  • View ecoSIStem records in Outlook or Gmail
  • Activity Timeline shows all interactions with Contacts
  • Advanced Accommodation Booking Engine


  • Supports Assessment-level and Rubric-Level Grading
  • Take Attendance on School Groups & Timetabled Classes
  • Pre-Approved absences shown in Attendance screen
  • Allocate Assessments to individuals, groups or Classes
  • Relationship Viewer for insights into student families
  • Create custom Grading Schemes & Penalty Templates
  • Scorecards show each students’ academic progress
  • Call or SMS Contacts from their ecoSIStem record
  • 1-click Report Cards that can be run any time you want
Cloud Masons | ecosistem Gradebook with Rubric-Level Marking
ecosistem Billing Account Management-Split Billing Made Easy

Business Managers

  • Fee Schedule Builder Screen
  • Powerful, intuitive Account Management Screen
  • Bill against Subjects, Year Levels or School Groups
  • Advanced Discount Configuration options
  • Workflow-driven Billing Runs
  • Create Invoices for Accomodation Bookings
  • Manage Payments to Agents & HomeStay Providers
  • Auto-update Sibling Order during EOY Rollover
  • Relationship Viewer gives deep insights into families
  • SMS Messaging Screens for notifications & updates
  • Report Builder for creating stunning data visualisations
  • CRM, CMS & Finance App integration*

* Requires an ecoSIStem Connector ($$)


  • A pure-cloud SIS that adapts quickly to the ever-changing education sector
  • Powerful education support capabilities that you define
  • Out-of-the-box Builders for creating stunning data visualisations
  • Plug-n-play integration connectors
  • Simple, aesthetic & intuitive user experience
  • More collaboration between staff, teachers & parents
  • Call, email or SMS contacts from their record on your device
  • Create custom templates for education support plans
  • Data-driven alerts & notifications based on your rules
  • Ability to do almost everything on your mobile devices
Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem Home Page Dashboards on devices
Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem's Education Cases & Additional Learning Needs Support

Education Support

  • Advanced Education Case Management delivers positive student outcomes
  • Additional Learning Needs & Education Support Plans
  • Link Learning Needs to Academic Progress charts
  • Link Learning Needs to Attendance Data
  • Link Learning Needs to Behavioural Incidents
  • Link First-Aid Incidents to Cases & Medical Conditions
  • Customisable templates built around school policies
  • Assign school resources to learning needs
  • Individual Learning Plans & Actions
  • SMS Messaging Screens
  • Visual Alerts & Automated Notifications
  • View Student-to-Contact Relationships visually
  • Academic Scorecards & Dashboards
  • Collaborate using Chatter tool
  • Share record access with colleagues and peers

ICT Managers

  • Build automated workflows to simplify data entry
  • Create new, or modify existing screens
  • Add new fields, change LOV values & validation rules
  • Create custom quick actions to speed up date entry
  • Meets all 10 OWASP Security Requirements
  • Extensive auditing capabilities at the field level
  • Multiple Data Centres ensure sovereignty is met
  • 4 ‘plug-n-play’ Connectors connect to 1000+ digital services
  • Integrate your current Identity Management solution
  • MS Flows for integrating with existing Microsoft services
  • CMS, HRIS, LMS & FMS integration*
  • 3 major & 3 minor releases each year
  • Custom Security Profiles & Permission Sets
ecoSIStem | Build you own Custom student administration workflows that suit your school's business processes

Adapting ecoSIStem to your school

Integrate Your Way

  • Start building a true “Plug &Play” architecture with ecoSIStem Connectors
  • If one app crashes, it won’t affect or take out other apps or services
  • ecoSIStem Connectors retain messages for up to 24 hours
  • Minimal vendor reliance to integrate your way
  • 1000’s of pre-configured digital services
  • We can manage high-volume integration for you (using Jitterbit)
  • Manage your own integrations with Zapier or MS Flow
  • Apply your own data transformation rules
  • Import, modify, delete or insert data directly out of Excel with XLConnector
  • Connect ecoSIStem to local folders - cloud or on-premise
  • Back up ecoSIStem data to any format or location
ecoSIStem-4 Options for integrating your Student Administration solution with your digital ecosystem.png

Customise Your Way

  • Create custom Screens for different Users
  • Create Single Page Apps (SPA's) for mobile users
  • Create automated workflows to reduce data entry effort
  • Create Different Screens or change layout of screens
  • Add New or Remove existing Fields (restrictions apply)
  • Create custom validation rules that ensure good data entry
  • Change LOV/picklist values to be relevant to your school
  • Leverage advanced mail merge with Conga or Webmerge
  • Upload your existing Word mail merge templates
  • Create or upload email & SMS templates (i.e. Campaign Monitor)
  • Extract reports into Excel format
  • Sync emails through Outlook or Gmail
  • Bookmark frequently visited records
  • Create custom Filtered Lists with dynamic Charts
  • Change the Menu Tab order
  • Activity timeline shows all interactions with each contact

Why would you switch to ecoSIStem

K-12 Student Information System


Having a more holistic understanding of each Student’s familial structure helps you deliver better billing and communication services for every family.

Reports & Extracts that work for you

Being able to create custom reports, dashboards, or extract data that gives you the exact information you need in the format you want always leads to better, data driven decision-making and that leads to good student outcomes.

No InfRastructure, patches or upgrades

Because there is no hardware or software to maintain, you can crack on with building out your technical roadmap & supporting your users. With no patches or upgrades to manage, ecoSIStem is the solution that can consolidate everything on to a single platform.​

Make your SIS As unique as your school

ecoSIStem has such a huge array of customisation options, you can tailor your SIS to work the way your users do. With ecoSIStem's 4 integration connectors, you can build the ideal digital ecosystem with limited or no vendor involvement.

Grading & Assessment Made Easier

ecoSIStem's Gradebook feature will manage all the complex calculations then updates each Student's academic scorecards & dashboards. Use it on any device & never duplicate data again.


From standard families to single parent families, same-sex parent families or extended families, the definition of what ‘family’ means is being radically redefined. Now you have a tool that supports any family structure or billing scenario.

Identity Management reimagined

With ecoSIStem, you can continue to use your existing Identity Management solution or transfer that role to ecoSIStem & it will automatically send person's details to your IDM and let it provision them across your school's digital ecosystem.


The technology platform that ecoSIStem is built on was chosen specifically because it was easier to integrate and be controlled by end users. ecoSIStem will change the shape of how schools integrate their forest of apps and digital services.

Visit ecoSIStem on AppExchange?

Interested in a 30-day test drive?

We can set you up with a fully operational trial version of ecoSIStem with preloaded data. Use it for 30 days to evaluate ecoSIStem's primary features* against your school's requirements.

* Not all features are available.

K-12 Student Information System

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