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ecoSIStem Applications


Cloud Masons | ecosistem's Dynamic Student Academic Progress across Learning Areas & enrolled Subjects

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Reimaging Applications & Enrolments

Education providers don’t always need a monolithic, all-singing, all dancing and super-expensive Student Admin System. Sometimes….they just need a single module that can do one thing really well which can be adapted to their current digital lanscape and scale as their requirements change.

That is why we broke ecoSIStem into a set of discrete modules that tackle a small subset of student administration functions and because all ecoSIStem modules are all built entirely on the Salesforce
Platform™ they can also talk to other ecoSIStem modules without the need for complex or expensive customisations or integrations.

Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem's pplication Kanban & ACARA-compliant Application Workflow Screens

Biggest K-12 Challenges

families are being redEfined

From standard families to single parent families, same-sex parent families or extended families, the definition of what ‘family’ means is being radically redefined every year

limited reporting options

Creating custom Reports, Charts & Dashboards or extracting data easily and quickly in the right format you want is difficult at best, and sometimes it's not even an option.


Fee Schedules should be easy to set up and configure for different groups, and include a flexible discounting engine that can process different discount amounts for each sibling.


Changes in curriculum frameworks. Changes in student engagement models. Changes in regulatory reporting requirements. Let's face it. Education is in a constant state of change.


One of the biggest gripes by end-users is the lack of consistency and intuitiveness across the myriad of apps they use every day, not to mention constant duplication of data

LACK OF communication CHANNELS

Business Managers & Bursars need multiple ways of engaging with fee payers including SMS, email, or phone call from one spot and not in multiple apps or locations

Limited Fee Payers

There should be no limit on the number of fee payers that can contribute to a Student’s education. It should be limitless and support different billing percentages across fee payers

CoMPLEX pricing & contracts

Vendors love making contracts and pricing convoluted.That makes contract management difficult, cash flow unpredictable, and enhancements or integrations a lot more expensive.

Core Student Details

Cloud Masons - ecoSIStem Student-Contact Relationship Viewer Screen


ecosistem Billing Account Management-Split Billing Made Easy

* Requires an ecoSIStem Connector ($$)



Cloud Masons | ecosistem Gradebook with Rubric-Level Marking

ecosistem welfare

Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem's Education Cases & Additional Learning Needs Support

Application Management

Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem Home Page Dashboards on devices
Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem Home Page Dashboards on devices

ecosistem groups


Cloud Masons | ecoSIStem Home Page Dashboards on devices
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